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From the CEO

Greetings from Israel

Posted on February 10, 2017

The executive directors of our city-size Jewish Federations gather annually to learn from each other and bond with each other.  This year’s conference is in Israel and our objective is to deepen our understanding of complex Israeli issues and trends of strategic importance to American Jews including: religious pluralism, social cohesion, minority integration, and Arab-Jewish Continue Reading »

What I’m Reading

Posted on February 10, 2017

A list of current articles Rob is reading


Posted on February 6, 2017

Among the many worthwhile organizations that our Federation supports locally and around the world is the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS).  HIAS was founded in 1881, and today “HIAS works around the world to protect refugees who have been forced to flee their homelands because of who they are, including ethnic, religious, and sexual minorities. Continue Reading »

How about some good news?

Posted on January 30, 2017

I like to stay informed.  I read a variety of news from a variety of sources.  I have to say that because of the political climate, it’s getting more and more difficult.  I thought that we might have reached a bottom, but probably not.  My Facebook feed is the worst.  Except for the occasional chicken Continue Reading »


Posted on January 20, 2017

In 1988, Federation received a gift from the estate of Arthur Fidler to establish a fund for the benefit of “crippled, blind or retarded Jewish children.”  Recognizing the intent of the donor, coupled with the insensitivity of the outdated language, ten years later, Federation changed this language with the guidance of a school psychologist, a Continue Reading »


Posted on January 6, 2017

Virginia has about 8 million people.  I personally know nine of them.  I was there in November and did not run into anyone whom I know. New Jersey is about 8 thousand square miles.  I personally know approximately a couple dozen of its residents.  When I go there to visit family, I see the family Continue Reading »


Posted on December 30, 2016

At a recent conference for Jewish Federation executive directors, I attended a workshop on writing statements.  Oy vey!  By the end of the workshop, I realized that the course was less about how to write a statement and more about the pitfalls to avoid when writing one. Take a position.  Get leadership buy-in on the Continue Reading »

“Because there is no ‘them’ only us”

Posted on December 23, 2016

For decades, Federation has embraced the philosophy that we make our friends during the good times so that we have them during the bad ones. In recent months, we’ve seen an uptick in hate around the world, which has people quite concerned.  In the Jewish community, we are concerned about the growing anti-Semitism but perhaps Continue Reading »


Posted on December 16, 2016

“There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.” You, the Jewish community, told Federation what you expected from us.  We’ve been delivering. You asked us to change our allocations process and be transparent about it.  Done. You asked us to enhance our outreach and programming for seniors.  Done. You asked us to take the Continue Reading »

December Dilemma

Posted on December 9, 2016

We held a Jewish/Catholic interfaith event last week at Maria College.  One of our Catholic partners very sensitively apologized to me for the Christmas tree in the hall.   “Maria College is a Catholic school.  I absolutely expect to see a Christmas tree here, and there is no need to apologize for it.”  I replied. I Continue Reading »

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