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The Mishkan Campaign – Part II

Please see here for part I.

Part II:

God’s message is clear. “Make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among you.” This message inspired the people. They were overcome by faith, passion, and desire. How could owning an extra gold necklace compare with co-dwelling with God?

Is Federation’s message clear? I think that, unfortunately, our message has been overpowered by our delivery.In 2010 Federation commissioned a demographic study, and we learned that many of our constituents do not have the faith, passion, and desire because they really do not understand our message.

In 2012 Federation completed a comprehensive strategic plan that will redefine who we are and how our community perceives us, while being true to our mission.
Federation’s mission is to build and maintain a strong and united Jewish community in order to ensure the creative survival and continuity of the Jewish people. It is the community’s central agency for meeting Jewish needs and articulating Jewish concerns in the Capital Region, in Israel, nationally, and around the world.

On the international front, if you have five minutes, please watch this video recently produced by the JDC (Joint Distribution Committee), a major recipient of our overseas allocation.

On the local front, we have begun engaging with all of our community partners, synagogues, and agencies to promote building and maintaining our local community. You’ve told us what inspires you:

  • Our most vulnerable must have the care they need.
  • Our aging community must have programming.
  • We must teach about Israel, send people to Israel, and bring Israeli culture here.
  • We must find and engage the unaffiliated and get them involved in Jewish life.
  • We must embrace those who are marginally affiliated and provide the programming that they desire.
  • We must engage our youth with inspiring programming and education to help them build a strong sense of Jewish identity.

And, you want us to be transparent in getting all of this done. We’ve started by creating a new funding model, which will be implemented over the next three years, to ensure that the programs that you have demanded get funded and executed.

We will make our message clear so that it will inspire faith, passion, and desire, and our Jewish communities are once again flooded with gold, red-dyed ram skin, and onyx stone. 

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