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rob-kovach-thumbnailJewish Federation of NENY has been trying to set up a conference call with our friends in Eshkol to see how our community can help meet their specific needs. However, scheduling this call has been difficult. Many of the residents of Eshkol have vacated the area in order to move to safer locations within Israel or are too afraid to leave their homes and the security of their bomb shelters. The new tunnel situation is causing many new concerns for Eshkol residents.

After much discussion, we finally reached an agreeable time to conference over the phone. Unfortunately, then I received the following e-mail:

Rob –

Over Shabbat, Captain Liad Lavi from Sde Nizan passed away after being badly injured in Gaza on Thursday. His funeral is going to take place tomorrow. It seems like we need to postpone our meeting.

May Liad’s memory be for a blessing and his family comforted among the mourners of Zion, as we pray for peace for our friends in Eshkol, the IDF, and for all of Israel.


Federation’s board and its Israel affairs committee held an emergency meeting on Wednesday morning to discuss the situation in Israel. Our first item of business was to confirm Federation’s policies on how we promote pro-Israel activities in the capital region, as well as if and how we respond to anti-Israel activities. We then brainstormed several ways to help keep the community informed, beyond the information that is disseminated by the local media. The following communication enhancements resulted from that meeting:

  1. I will send out new, mid-week updates with news from Eshkol.
  2. Federation’s Facebook page will be updated daily with new, short quips that can be used for postings:
  3. Jewish Federation’s website will be updated daily with news from our national office:
  4. JERNY’s website continues to be an excellent resource:
  5. The Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) of Greater Washington, a partner of the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, has a new Israel Action Center web page dedicated to the conflict. It is the most comprehensive page of its kind that I have seen, and I encourage everyone to look through it often:
  6. We will have a non-fundraising program on Thursday, August 14 at 7:00 p.m., giving people another opportunity to come together as a community to show support for Israel. Our speaker’s topic will be “Is there a light at the end of the tunnels?” More details will follow as they become available. For now, please save the date.
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