Today is January 26, 2020 -

I look forward to your call

phone callWe host a score of speakers every year.  Speakers are usually recommended by other Federations around the country and then vetted by committees; we engage them through reputable speakers’ bureaus; they speak on a variety of topics.  Some speakers are thought provoking while others are entertaining.  Most are for the entire community while a few are only for those without whom we could not do all of the good work that we do.  There is actually only one thing that all of our speakers have in common: every one of them will prompt at least one community member to call me the next morning to complain.

A complaint that I hear often is that too many of our speakers offer only messages of “doom and gloom.”  This Wednesday evening we will host our annual Women’s Philanthropy Community-wide Event featuring Yael Luttwak, producer and director of the film A Slim Peace.  The 2007 film brought together Jewish and Muslim women in Israel to promote interfaith dialogue, peace, and tolerance, using their shared goal of losing weight.  This should not be “doom and gloom.”

I don’t know who you are yet, but I’ve blocked off Thursday morning for your call.

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