Today is December 15, 2019 -

Eshkol Update

  1. Mazel tov to our friend Haim Yellin, mayor of the Eshkol Regional Council, sworn in as a new member of the Knesset on Tuesday. Haim has always warmly received us and Northeastern New York is very excited to have a real friend in the Knesset. Chaim said, “I brought a rocket with me for my office so I’ll remember where I came from and who I’m representing.”Haim Yellin
  2. Last week we enjoyed our latest “living bridge” connection with Eshkol, when ten 8th graders and two chaperones from Eshkol spent the week with us. The kids spent time with our kids from Hebrew Academy, our Hebrew schools, our nursery schools, and our synagogues. Watching the 30-minute ordeal of hugging, crying, swapping addresses, etc., as we tried to usher the kids onto the bus to return to JFK was really quite wonderful. My favorite part was watching our kids, my daughter Bina among them, scheming about how to get to Israel to see their new friends again. Hopefully, we’ll see many of our kids on the next Teen Mission, February 2016.
  3. My personal thanks to Yardena Wysokier, stepping down after five years as the partnership chair from the Eshkol side of our relationship. Yardena has seen our relationship grow from one based on a transfer of funds to one based on a transfer of people. She has been intimately involved in every one of our visits to Eshkol during my tenure and personally led the visit here this past October. She has made so many friends in our community that there was a fight over who would have the honor of hosting her during her visit here. We love you Yardena and hope you go from strength to strength.

Chag kasherv’sameach – Happy Passover.

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