Today is January 25, 2020 -

Something New

We have perfected a very successful formula for our quarterly joint society events. We secure a speaker, select chair people, design an invitation, recruit using traditional methods, and enjoy a lovely evening with a sell-out crowd.

So, because we have been so successful, let’s try something completely new.

Next Sunday night, NextDor (our young adult division) is sponsoring the joint society event with all new ideas.

  1. Our young people often complain, “We understand that Iran wants to destroy Israel. Let’s hear about something else.” Ok – Shimon Levy, Senior Strategic Advisor for the Detroit Federation, is going to speak about the Millennial Entrepreneur.
  2. Instead of printing invitations and mailing them, we are exclusively using social media, e-mail, Facebook, and texting to get the word out. At last night’s annual Hebrew Academy dinner, the whole room simultaneously received a 7:00pm text announcing the upcoming event.
  3. Rather than sitting at a table cluttered with a program and miscellaneous papers, we’ll have the program available to download to your smartphone and scrolling on the overhead screen.
  4. SWAG will be distributed.
  5. Other surprises…

We understand that these changes will not be embraced by everyone. Do not worry. We will be starting back up with our traditional events in the fall. But, we do need to try new things to stay fresh and attract new people. We will follow up with you after the event. Please let us know what you think.

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