Today is January 25, 2020 -

Tax Day – for Non-Profits

Today is May 15th.  Do you know what Federation is doing today?

We have just wrapped up our annual audit, and we are filing our Form 990 with the IRS and our CHAR500 with the NYS Office of the Attorney General’s Charities Bureau.

Ok, wake up everyone.  I’m sorry to bore you with this.  To most people, this is absolutely the least exciting thing that Federation does.  And yet, if we didn’t do it, or worse yet, we did it, but the auditor’s report was not as pristine as it was, it would certainly be exciting – and not in a good way.

Wednesday’s presentation to our finance committee by our auditors was as uneventful as we could hope for and speaks to the core credibility of the organization.  And, not incidentally, the numbers themselves look good as well.

So, a big thank you to Gail, Jessica, and Katherine in our accounting department, and to Amir, Alan, and the rest of the finance committee on your oversight for your otherwise thankless efforts.

I have a degree in accounting and a CPA license, and personally find these documents fascinating and have read them all cover to cover.  For the rest of you, however, if you find yourselves having any difficulty sleeping, we have copies available for your review.

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