Today is January 25, 2020 -

Summer Transitions

Things have been crazy busy in my house lately, and likely in yours as well if you have kids.
Kids home from college, year-end final projects, AP exams, Regents exams, and graduations–stop and breathe.

Who’s watching the 8-year-old today? Who’s picking up Bina from her post-Hebrew Academy graduation sleep-over party? Rob, you’re in charge of Shabbat dinner. Levi needs waterproof hiking boots for Israel. Who even makes a size 14EEE waterproof hiking boot?

Friends left for overnight camp. Summer internship has begun. The red car needs a new timing belt. Camp Givah starts Monday. Levi has to get to JFK by 8:00 Wednesday morning for his Israel trip. Someone make sure that we have the Wi-Fi password before he goes. Did you buy his boots yet? My three oldest kids are at Six Flags where today?

I have summer goals, too. I just want to play 18 uninterrupted holes. I got in 17 ½ at the JCC Golf outing before the torrential downpour.

Sunshine – 75 degrees – slight breeze – 18 holes, that’s all I want.

Oh, and world peace.

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