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Calling All Parents of Olim

After high school, Rachel, daughter of my colleague Deborah, spent a gap year in Israel before starting college.  For Rosh Hashanah dinner, she was randomly sent to Sharon’s home.  After a few minutes of pleasantries, Rachel (Niskayuna) figured out that Sharon (Latham) was my sister-in-law.

Two weeks ago, Ilana and I were visiting our friend Shari in NYC.  Shari (Atlanta) is going to Israel next month.  She is looking forward to spending time with her friend Pamela (formerly Becker of Loudonville).

“Six degrees of separation” is a theory that using a friend-of-a-friend concept, everyone in the world is no more than six steps away from anyone else.  I think that this number is even lower within the Jewish world, and specifically, the steps between Jews from Northeastern NY who have moved to Israel and all other Jews, is probably no more than two.

Several years ago, our community had a chapter of PNAI (Parents of North American Israelis).  Parents would get together regularly to discuss important common issues, like cheap international phone plans, and complain about how long it takes to mail letters and packages.  This chapter closed several years ago.  I have a membership list from 1997 with 35 members, many of whom are unfortunately no longer with us.

I was asked several months ago for Federation’s help in creating a new group, and I therefore turn to all of you for your help in identifying potential members.   I rattled off a couple dozen names myself while sitting at the desk.  If you have children in Israel, or know people living in our area who do, please contact me.  We hope to compile a list, create a database–perhaps a Facebook page–and have a “meet and greet” event over the summer.

If you want your children to move to Israel so that you can join the group, we can help with that too.

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