Today is January 28, 2020 -

Cookie in the sukkah

I go to synagogue most Shabatot.  I’m rewarded for my efforts with a cookie at the post-service kiddush.  On good days, I’m rewarded with cake, and on really good days, I’m rewarded with a little smoked fish.  I do not want to give you the impression that for me it’s all about the food, but…

I get the whole atonement thing.  I understand the suffering.  The rabbis and cantors make it as pleasant as possible with the beautiful singing and meaningful words, but in the end, it’s a marathon service with no cookie.

Good news — the cookies are coming.  Next week, we’ll have kiddush in the sukkah!

Our Jewish holidays don’t end with the blowing of the shofar concluding Yom Kippur.  In fact, they are just beginning.  Sunday night starts Sukkot, during which we have the opportunity to step outside (literally) from the comforts of home and enjoy life in the sukkah.  Look around.  There are sukkahs everywhere.  The synagogues, our JCCs, our day schools, Daughters of Sarah, the Massry Residence, and even the Kosher Chopper all build sukkahs.    Chabad has a portable one, which they bring around to places that can’t have one.

Many people are building sukkahs at home this year as well.  I have been invited to several sukkah building parties, sukkah decorating parties, and of course sukkah parties.  I’m also excited to share that, riding on the success of our first PJ Tashlich, we will be having our first PJ Sukkah Stroll.  Hopefully, we will have the same incredible turnout.

Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sukkot Sameach!

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