Today is January 25, 2020 -

Too Many Choices

Which trip to Israel should we take?  That’s a legitimate question, but if you start with the premise that there are no bad trips, then whatever decision you make will be a good one.  Cost, dates, leaders, friends, other participants, religiosity, etc., are all factors to consider.

Let’s start with the teens.  Gap year (between high school and college), summer experience, Federation’s Teen Mission?  NCSY, USY, NFTY, B’nai Brith, Young Judaea, etc.?  All good.

College trips: Birthright, semester abroad?  Both good.

Adults: private, travel agency, national, local, Federation, synagogue, JNF, etc.?  All good.

Our community is sponsoring the following opportunities for travel to Israel over the next few months:

  1. 2016 Teen Mission to Israel over February’s winter school break. Our kids will spend an amazing Shabbat in Jerusalem and then a week with their contemporaries in our partnership region Eshkol.
  2. Partnership@20 trip, modeled after the Teen Mission. Starting the last week in March 2016, we’re offering a choice of programs with different trip lengths and different experiences, both include a few days in Eshkol with home hospitality and a Shabbat in Jerusalem.
  3. From the National office, we have the LGBTQ Mission, “See Israel with Pride,” in late May 2016.
  4. Also from the National office, we have the Heart to Heart Mission, “A Woman’s Journey to Israel,” in early February 2016.
  5. Finally, two of our local synagogues are sponsoring trips to Israel over the February winter break:
    1. Congregation Ohav Shalom, led by Rabbi Dan Ornstein
    2. Congregation Gates of Heaven, led by Rabbi Matt Cutler
  6. I’m sorry if I’ve missed any. Please let me know so that I can add them to the list.

We really have a trip for everyone.  Please be in touch, soon, before registrations close.  I’m happy to help match you up with the right trip.



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