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Super Sunday – January 31, 2016

“Thank you so much for calling.  I would love to increase my gift to Federation this year.”  Oh, if only it were that easy.

How about if everyone in the community who benefits from Federation funding helps support the day.  This would include:

  • everyone who has received a scholarship or subsidy to go to camp or Israel or school or a conference and their families
  • every teacher in our Hebrew schools, day schools, or nursery schools
  • everyone who benefits from our workshops for public school social studies teachers about Israel
  • all the seniors and their families who live in our nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, and independent-living facilities
  • everyone who sits on the board or is an employee of one of our major recipient agencies, schools, synagogues, or Board of Rabbis.
  • everyone who has a child participating in our JCC delegation to the Maccabi games
  • everyone who attends one of our subsidized Sunday evening programs (note: they all are subsidized)
  • everyone involved in our young-adult outreach effort
  • everyone who benefits from our anti-prejudice interventions
  • everyone who uses our website and community calendar to see what’s going on in the community
  • everyone who benefits from our relations with the interfaith community
  • everyone who benefits from our support of PJ Library and Birthright Israel
  • everyone who benefits from our annual security briefings with the FBI and NYS Anti-Terrorism Task Force
  • everyone who pushes a stroller within our community eruv

You may not directly benefit from Federation programs, but you want to help everyone else who does, as well as helping to:

  • support victims of terror in Israel
  • combat growing anti-Semitism around the world

Please answer the phone when it rings on Super Sunday, and when you do, please be kind to our volunteer.  If you are upset with something that Federation might have done, please don’t take it out on the volunteer.  The volunteer likely wasn’t responsible.  Call me this week.  I want to hear from you and help make it right by you.

Finally, you do have a couple of options if you don’t want to be called:

  1. Call Dan, Linda, or me this week. We are happy to help you make an increased gift.  We will not call you again.
  2. If you are younger than 45 and register for our NextDor Secret-Sunday event, we will not call you.

We have an amazing, vibrant, Jewish community for you and because of you.  Thank you.

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