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Let’s go to Israel–together

Should we go to Israel with Federation or with our synagogue?

This is a great question, which always puts me in an awkward position. My short answer is usually that there really are no bad trips to Israel. Different programs offer some different options for different tastes, but they’re all good.

I could never advise against going with your rabbi. Your rabbi can make your trip spiritually fulfilling and the bonding opportunities are priceless. Federation brings a pluralistic viewpoint with different exciting opportunities.

Cincinnati just did something amazing. They just sent 508 community members on a “Congregation and Community Israel Mission.” Absolutely amazing!

Federation worked with a few of our congregational rabbis and put together three trips to run concurrently (with a fair amount of overlap) during the February 2017 school break. We’ll have our teen mission spending a weekend in Jerusalem and then down to Eshkol for home hospitality for the week. We’ll have first-timers spend the same weekend in Jerusalem and then around the country seeing the highlights. And finally, we’ll have a new and exciting trip for returnees, who will spend the weekend in Jerusalem with everyone else and then off to see some new stuff. Please take a look at each of the flyers below.

Synagogues are encouraged to treat these trips as their own, but then we’ll all go together. The best of both worlds. If Cincinnati can do it, so can we!

As always, please call me with any questions.


Teen Mission February 2017

First-Timers Mission February 2017

Return Visitors Mission February 2017

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