Today is December 15, 2019 -

Ask not…

I was asked this week, “Does Federation do anything for my synagogue?”

Great question.  We either do or have offered to do the following:

  • We give stipends to your Hebrew school and your nursery school for teachers to attend conferences.
  • We support your events with our attendance, sponsorship, and promotion.
  • We provide funding for your young congregants with special needs to integrate into your classrooms.
  • We set up a PJ Library rack and provide PJ Library programs for your children.
  • We assemble large gatherings of young adults, unaffiliated and others who are “hard to find,” and invite your rabbi to come and showcase him/herself and your synagogue to them.
  • We host a security briefing with all levels of law enforcement so that you will be ready for the High Holy Days and stand ready to liaise with law enforcement on your behalf when issues arise.
  • Our staff members are available to assist you with on-line resources, social media, website usage, and flier creation.
  • We host a community calendar and send a weekly e-mail (this one that you are reading) to help promote your events and try to keep competition under control.
  • We offer leadership training and coaching for your professionals and lay leaders.
  • We host a job board to help publicize your open positions and help you with recruitment and interviewing.
  • We assist with strategic planning and program planning.
  • We have created a trip to Israel for February 2017 for you to use as your synagogue’s trip, and we’ve created and printed all of the marketing materials for you to use.

Many of our community synagogues are taking full advantage of our offerings.  If we can help with anything on the list or help create anything not yet on the list, please let me know.

As I mention regularly, our mission is to “build and maintain a strong and united Jewish community.”  Our synagogues are a vital part of our community.

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