Today is December 15, 2019 -

Any and All

“Rob, is that your son in the Congregation Beth Emeth Rosh Hashanah greeting video?” a friend asked. Sure enough. There he was.

“Levi, how did you get in the Beth Emeth video?” I asked.

“Oh, I have a few friends in CBEYG (Congregation Beth Emeth Youth Group), so I joined. Is that ok?”

“As I told you last year when you joined USY, you may join any and all Jewish youth groups,” I replied. “And, since you’re in all these groups, let your friends in Mifgash, Torah High, NCSY, USY, CBEYG, and JSU know:

1. We have a group of teenagers visiting from Eshkol next week, and we will be celebrating with a community-wide bonfire for teens on Saturday night, October 22, at the Niskayuna Fire House.
2. We have a teen mission to Israel scheduled for February 15-26, with subsidies and scholarships available.”

Levi has been thinking of studying engineering, like his mother. Personally, I think that he might have some aptitude for my line of work.

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