Today is November 19, 2019 -

Veterans – thank you!

Wow!  What a week.

In the aftermath of the elections, social media has been flooded with excitement, relief, anger, outrage, fear, concern, etc.  People have taken to the streets to protest, or to safe spaces to mourn, or to halls to celebrate.  After an initial sell-off, the market has roared with optimism.  Publicly, our leaders have been polite and respectful.

With all of the drama, I’m concerned that we lose focus on our remarkable privilege of living in a free and democratic society and how hard many fought to give us this privilege.  I’m so proud of my daughter Maya who, with her cousin Lilo, stood in a two-hour line on Tuesday afternoon to add her “I voted” sticker to the hundreds of others on the gravestone of Susan B. Anthony.

Today is Veterans Day.  We owe our freedoms and way of life to the commitment and sacrifice of our veterans.  Our right to vote on Tuesday and our right to protest today are both hallmarks of our democratic way of life.  The American people have spoken.  In four years, we will get to speak again, contrasting Mahmoud Abbas who is in the 11th year of his four-year term.

Our national agencies have been publishing statements.  I like this excerpt from the JCRC of Greater Boston:

As Civil Rights activist and Congressman John Lewis has stated, “The right to vote is precious, almost sacred” and confidence in the electoral process is a bedrock principle for our constitutional democracy. As our nation prepares for the peaceful transition of executive power, we hope that our new President will lead with wisdom and a commitment to the welfare of all who live in our great nation. We affirm our commitment to working with the elected and appointed officials of our government to advance and protect the values we cherish and that define our nation.

Now we are called to begin the difficult work of healing the wounds that threaten to pull our nation asunder, and to remain vigilant in promoting our nation’s commitment to civil liberties, equality under the law, and social justice, the mighty pillars on which our nation stands.

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