Today is December 16, 2019 -

Annual Meetings

Annual meeting season is upon us. Board elections–awards–keynote speakers–reports–cookies. Most Jewish organizations have similar formats. As community members, we want to support our Federation, our synagogues, and our agencies.  We want to support our friends and family members who are being honored. We want to hear about things going on in our Jewish community. We try to arrange them on different nights so not to conflict with each other; and so for many of us, it means that we have many nights out. 

But, what if we arranged all of the meetings on the same night. In fact, what if we had them all together. The whole community could come together for one night. We could elect all of our board members, one after the other, in compliance with each set of by-laws. We could settle on one keynote speaker. If we need to split up for required business, we find a venue that could accommodate. We all get back together for some cookies and maybe a little cut fruit. Maybe even a big community-wide barbeque. It could be the social event of the year. 

I’ll start working on it for next year. Meanwhile, I look forward to seeing you at our annual meeting on June 8.   

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