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I stand at the front door at all of our events to welcome guests. Sure, I hear a variety of comments: “Congratulations, I see that you’ve been promoted to doorman.” “Are you the greeter or the bouncer?” “If things don’t work out for you here, I hear that Disney World is always looking for qualified greeters.” Well-intentioned joking aside, greeting may be my favorite part of the job. 

I greet for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, I find that it is really the most efficient way to meet the most people. I arrive about 45 minutes early and park myself at the front door. Everyone then has to walk past me to enter. (I should point out that this does not work everywhere. I tried this at our Columbia/Greene community event last weekend, and even 45 minutes early, I was one of the last people to arrive. Maybe it is a Southern thing.) 

People associate me with this weekly column and then have the opportunity to ask me questions or share some opinions about Federation. Some people schedule appointments with me for longer discussions.   

Newly elected Federation board chair, Bob Finkle, asked to join me as a Federation greeter. Absolutely. Welcome.

My message this week is to convey that Bob and I are both accessible and approachable. If you have questions or comments, things that you want to see us do or things that you want us to stop doing, we are reachable by phone, e-mail, or at events. If we have not met yet, please introduce yourself to us. We want to meet you and we want to hear from you.  

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