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Re: Our Sincere Support of the Jewish Community of Northeastern New York

12 of Tamuz 5777 | July 6, 2017

Dear Rob,

The Eshkol steering committee met last night and discussed the ramifications of the decisions recently made by our Prime Minister in regard to the prayer arrangements at the Kotel and the conversion laws.

We, the people of Eshkol deeply appreciate your devoted support through the years, when we dealt with emergencies and tragedies, your frequent visits, your ongoing, unwavering support from near and far and your financial assistance always given with unconditional love.

Our committee expressed their heartfelt concerns from the possible consequences of this unnecessary crisis; the consequences which are already apparent and can lead to serious damage to the relations between Israel and the Jews from all over the world and in particular in the United States.

The committee members unanimously would like to express their unwavering support to the demand to return to the previously agreed upon compromise that was approved by the Israeli government about the Kotel and the section allocated for prayer and keeping the status quo in regard to recognition of reform and conservative as equals and entitled to convert accordingly and to have it recognized as legitimate and legal.

The Eshkol steering committee, representing all the people of Eshkol would like to emphasize their love and appreciation to their brothers, their Jewish family  in the United States and are committed to act, assist and support any actions that may be taken in the future with regard to the current crisis in the world Jewry. We are with you all, always in heart, and soul.

We are all equal Jews, bound together in a common fate, sharing a rich heritage, experiencing a challenging present. Together, working as one Jewish people we can be sure of a better future for us all.


Gadi Yarkoni                                                                                    Dr. Eitan Chai- Am

Mayor of the Eshkol Regional Council                                      Chairman of the Eshkol  Partnership


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