Today is November 17, 2019 -

Education and love

I wanted to write about my son’s first experience at Jewish overnight camp.

But, then Charlottesville happened.

So we joined, to stand together with Charlottesville, with ADL, the Board of Rabbis, Chabad, the Council of Churches, NAACP, Schenectady Human Rights Commission, the Sikhs, the Muslims, and a slew of other friends and issued a Statement from Capital District Interfaith Leaders in Response to the Hate Crimes in Charlottesville .

The Schenectady Clergy Against Hate worked on their own op-ed, and last night hundreds gathered in Schenectady for a vigil to spread the message of unity.

As we always do, we checked in with our friends at the FBI and NYS Police Counter-Terrorism and firmed up our plans for our upcoming annual security briefing for synagogues and agencies throughout the entire region prior to the High Holidays.

Not directly related, but certainly linked, ADL spent the week in the Federation offices for their Train the Trainers program, which teaches new facilitators how to deliver anti-hate and anti-bias educational programs to schools. We are thrilled to partner with ADL on this statewide initiative. ADL’s “No Place for Hate” is in 53 of our local schools.

We want to feel good that, at least locally, we are doing our part in combatting hatred with education and love.

But, then last night, Barcelona happened. And, while I have been writing this, Turku just happened.

I planned to tell you about my daughter’s Birthright trip next week. I hope that I get the chance.

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