Today is October 20, 2019 -

One inning at a time.

Last week I wrote about how our entire Jewish community is working together to bring the JCC Maccabi Games to the Capital District. The games begin on Sunday. You may still sign up to volunteer or register for opening ceremonies.

So that’s it, right? We will have had enough of each other by the end of the games. On August 12, we all go back to our own synagogues, JCCs, schools, or Chabad Houses. We go back to “making Shabbos for ourselves.”

Not so fast. That may be how it is done in other Jewish communities, but that is not how we roll in Northeastern New York.

Sunday, August 20, we will be celebrating Jewish Heritage Night with the Tri-City Valley Cats. We noticed that in previous years, many of our local Jewish organizations picked their own summer evenings to enjoy some baseball. Last year, Federation worked with the Valley Cats to coordinate the effort. This year will be even better. Nearly every Jewish organization in town is partnering with us.

You don’t like baseball? Then come for the food. The Vaad is coming in to ensure kosher options. Will it be appropriate for the little ones? We’ll have a PJ Library program for them. We’ll have a young adult gathering at the Tiki Terrace. There will be fireworks.

Sign up with your synagogue, JCC, Chabad House, or contact the Valley Cats directly: We have more information on our website.

Through the prophet Isaiah, the Jews are called upon to be a light unto the nations of the world. In Northeastern New York, let’s be a light unto the Jews of the world–one inning at a time.

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