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Risk & Preparation

An article appeared in yesterday’s Daily Gazette discussing whether people should worry about traveling to Israel now, given the Palestinian calls for violence in the face of President Trump’s declarations this week.
I applaud Rabbi Matt Cutler’s response that he would go tomorrow.
I have written extensively about my own trips to Israel and how safe I feel there relative to other places. Safety has two components: risk and preparation. Our world has no shortage of safety risks: natural disasters, gun violence, terrorism, hatred, etc. We also have law enforcement, intelligence agencies, security experts, meteorologists, etc., all preparing to keep us safe. I continue to believe that Israel is the best (unfortunately by necessity) at continuously improving its ability to keeps its citizens and guests safe. 
Parentally speaking, this has been a challenging week for me. 
My oldest daughter lives in LA. While not in the direct path of the raging fires, she is close enough to them that she smells the burnt ember in the unfiltered air in her office. She is not in imminent danger, but the situation is certainly disconcerting. 
My second daughter is studying in Jerusalem. “Nuff said.” 
Turns out that through all of this, my third daughter was in the most danger yesterday. Albany High School closed early because several fights broke out in the halls, spilling into the street, with injuries, arrests, and a street closure. 
Maybe I’ll sleep better if she finishes the rest of high school in Jerusalem? 
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