Today is November 14, 2019 -

Who? He said what?

If I were a contestant on Jeopardy and the final Jeopardy answer was, “Author of the March 18, 2018, op-ed in the New York Times titled ‘Israel’s Self-Inflicted Wounds‘, I would have bet all of my money on the question, “Who is Jeremy Ben-Ami?”
I can hear Alex saying, “Sorry, Rob, the correct question is “Who is Ronald Lauder?”
Lauder wrote, “If current trends continue, Israel will face a stark choice: Grant Palestinians full rights and cease being a Jewish state or rescind their rights and cease being a democracy. To avoid these unacceptable outcomes, the only path forward is the two-state solution.”
This is the J-Street platform. These can’t be the words of super-hawk Ron Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress, friend of President Trump, former-friend of Prime Minister Netanyahu.
Lauder wrote, “I am conservative and a Republican, and I have supported the Likud party since the 1980’s.” I am now totally befuddled. If the right-wing is saying this, then what is the left-wing saying?
If the right and the left aren’t going to be black and white, is it possible that we’ve been wasting a lot of time polarizing ourselves? I’m working on getting us a speaker to come here and help us work through this. We owe it to ourselves to get to the bottom of this.
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