Today is September 22, 2018 -

Federation’s Annual Meeting 2018

The mission of Jewish Federation of Northeastern New York is to build and maintain a strong and united Jewish community in order to ensure the creative survival and continuity of the Jewish people. It is the community’s central agency for meeting Jewish needs and articulating Jewish concerns in the Capital Region, in Israel, nationally, and around the world.

Jewish Federation of Northeastern New York’s Annual Meeting will take place on Thursday, June 14, 2018, 7:00 PM at The Golub Center.  The nomination process has begun for the purpose of nominating a slate of candidates for the positions of officers and members of the Board of Directors and of the Endowment Board of Governors of The Jewish Community Endowment Fund of Federation.

The Board of Directors is the governing body of Federation, and has all the powers and duties necessary in the governance of Federation. The Endowment Board of Governors has the authority to invest and manage the institutional funds and assets of the Jewish Community Endowment Fund in accordance with the Investment and Fiscal Policy.

The Nominating Committee is guided by the following principles in the selection of candidates:

(i)            Representation of local constituent organizations and beneficiary agencies.

(ii)           Representation of the broadest spectrum of the community.

(iii)          Promotion of leadership development.

(iv)         Consideration of the quality of the individual’s commitment to the annual campaign, and service to Federation and the community.

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