Today is September 21, 2019 -

My eyes glaze over (MEGO)

Even for most other CPAs, non-profit accounting is boring. I am a little unique, I guess. Just the thought of a temporarily restricted net asset and the adrenalin starts flowing. However, to someone who is not a CPA, the only thing worse than non-profit accounting is listening to a CPA talk about non-profit accounting.  
Well, over the past week, we have listened to 95 minutes of Federation’s audited financial statements and our IRS Form 990. Thank you so much to Federation’s accounting team who put together our beautiful statements. Thank you to our finance committee and board who provided the oversight and control. Thank you to our auditors, and a very big thank you to our audit committee who sat through 90 of the 95 minutes of reporting. The board sat through the other five minutes, and I am not going to lie, they barely survived it.
No one talks about audited financial statements or IRS Form 990s, unless of course, it is bad news. Then everyone wants to talk about it.
Our news is all-good and I am talking about it–a clean audit with a healthy set of books–nothing better. Copies will be available on our website soon and hard copies will be available in our office.
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