Today is September 21, 2019 -

Solidarity with Israel

If you follow left-wing media, you understand Israel to be an imperialistic aggressor who uses unnecessary force to murder innocent Gazans.

If you prefer the right-wing media, you understand the myth of “peaceful demonstrations” and Israel’s need to defend her borders and her citizens from a terrorist regime, which sacrifices its own citizens to erase the Jews from their land.

Jewish Federation is a Zionist organization committed to Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people. However, recognizing the spectrum of thought among our constituency, we are challenged with showing our support for Israel while remaining outside of the political fray.

So, let me suggest a couple of non-political action items:

Next Sunday, June 3, join us (and several thousand of our closest friends) in New York City for the annual Celebrate Israel Parade. We have a few seats left on the bus, or meet us down there. Last year’s trip was spectacular.

There is maybe no better way to show our solidarity with our friends in Israel then to visit them. We have many opportunities this year, and I encourage everyone to pick a trip and go. Federation’s annual national conference (General Assembly) will be held in Tel Aviv this October, and our local Federation is planning a trip (with a couple of price points) leading into the conference. Federation’s theme in Israel this year is about making the person-to-person connections with Israelis in an effort to understand each other better. We will spend a couple of days with our friends in Eshkol living among them to see and hear what daily life is really about. National is also offering a more traditional mission at the same time for anyone who would prefer.

If you cannot make it with us in October, we will have another opportunity in February 2019. Stay tuned. Let me also note that several of our local synagogues are also offering trips this year. Not sure which trip is best for you? Please call your local rabbi or me. We will be happy to discuss it with you.

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