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Holocaust Memorial Update

We have been seeing quite a bit of press on the Capital District Jewish Holocaust Memorial (CDJHM) project, locally and even nationally. As the Niskayuna Town Board considers the proposal, it asked the
Jewish Federation for the Jewish Community’s opinion on the project.  
“THE Jewish Community’s opinion” – really? Are they not familiar with the “two Jews – three opinions” joke? Probably the most challenging segment of Federation’s mission statement is, “It is the community’s central agency for …articulating Jewish concerns in the Capital Region…”
With the request of the Niskayuna Town Board in mind and Federation’s mission statement in front of it, Federation’s board established a special committee to work with design and education experts and the CDJHM board to try to come to a consensus on a suitable design and educational message for a Holocaust memorial.
Let me emphasize here that Federation’s role is limited to finding consensus to comply with the Niskayuna Town Board’s request.
So far, the joint working committee has developed a vision statement:
“The CDJHM is designed to provide an experience to learn and better understand the anti-Semitism, hatred and brutality that led to the Holocaust. Preserve the memory of the victims by honoring and sharing their personal life stories. Never forget. Never again. Utilize the difficult and compelling lessons of this chapter in our history to inspire others to create a world without hate and to generate hope for the future.”
There is much work to do before reaching consensus. I will keep you posted as we progress.
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