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Personal report from Eshkol

Earlier this week I shared prepared remarks from JFNA on the happenings in Israel. I now send unedited remarks from Tal Klamer, our on the ground liaison in Eshkol. English is not Tal’s first language, but rather than edit her remarks, I wanted you to have the full flavor of her experiences.

 Hi all

I wanted to share with you some of our moments from the last days ..

 Two days ago wasn’t the a beginning of something new. It was one very intense day of a several months escalation. Since October we found tunnel after tunnel, had to stop many Hamas attempts to penetrate in to Israel, we annihilated hundreds of explosives that the Hamas placed on our international border with Gaza, we put down massive fires that were caused by terror kites. We also had to do everthing we could to keep the organized riots that the Hamas orchestrated with tenth of thousands of Palestinians on the border.

 And two days ago…. our morning started with more than 50 rockets fired toward us. at 6:59 am ,right when our kids are on the way to school and when parents take their toddlers to preschool. In Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha a new OLA (immigrant) was on her way to open the preschool when the Code Red alert went off. She was running to the fortified preschool as the rocket fell in the preschool backyard. Many children at the bus stations were running to the shelter and were refusing to evacuate later on.  The school and preschools teachers did their best to help the kids overcome their traumatic morning and continue with their routine as much as possible.

 The IDF fired back targeting Hamas destinations and even exploded a unique terror tunnel that they were watching for a while that went out of Gaza to Egypt and Israel.

 We want you all to know that we are strong and we help the one who need help. Our resilience center is the forefront of reaching out and providing support.  .

We strongly trust our soldiers that do everything to keep us safe. Yesterday and Today were quiet and we hope that it will keep this way .

 To sum the last days physically: … more than 150 rockets were shot toward Israel, 100 fell in Eshkol. A rocket fell in a Kindergarden backyard in Kibbutz Ein HaShlosha, one privet house in Kibbutz Sufa got hit. 3 soldiers were injured next to Kibbutz Sufa.

 Despite the rough and sleepless night, we woke up and did our best to go back to routine as much as possible. 70% of the students arrived to school and 90% of the preschool children attended too. Routine, as much as it is hard to returned to it after an insight day like the one we had is the most health thing we can do under these circumstances.

 I want to thank you for your dippiest thoughts In the name of the partnership and the Eshkol council Thank you!

A big huge from me!!


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