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JFK Terminal 4 – reprise

I booked my flights for my October trip to Israel yesterday. For logistical and cost reasons, I will be flying out of Newark and returning to Boston, unfortunately missing out on a visit to one of my favorite landmarks–JFK’s Terminal 4.
Three years ago, I shared the amazing experience of dropping off one of my sons at JFK for his summer experience in Israel. A few weeks ago, my wife and I dropped off one of our daughters–Bina.
El Al is Israel’s national airline and the preferred airline for many group tours, especially for youth. Terminal 4 houses El Al. 
For me, terminal 4 is magical. Seeing the hundreds, if not thousands (depending on the day and season) of high school and college kids scattered around the terminal is inspiring.   
Bina was last in Israel for Federation’s 2017 Teen Mission during which she spent a week with peers in our partnership Eshkol Region. After her five-week tour concludes, Bina is staying in Israel for a couple of weeks to spend time with family, family friends, and a week with her friends in Eshkol.
Federation is planning our next Teen Mission over the February break in 2019. 
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