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October in Israel

If you have never been to Israel, I recommend any of the available 10-day sight- seeing tours. You will ride in an air-conditioned bus, see major attractions, visit Holy sites, and eat great food. Our synagogues sponsor trips. Other local and national Jewish organizations sponsor trips. They are all good; foci are all a little bit different, but they are all worthwhile trips.
Our Jewish Federation created our Teen Mission to Israel program back in 2014. Back then, Birthright had many restrictions (most involving organized high-school touring) for teen travel to Israel, which voided Birthright eligibility if violated. Consequently, our trip focused on Shabbat experiences in Jerusalem and living among the people in our partnership community, Eshkol. The trip was so successful, that even after Birthright lifted its restrictions, we kept the trip format for a second successful trip. We are in the planning stages now for our third trip during the February 2019 school break with the same format.
“Hey Rob, when will Federation offer a trip like this for adults?” Great question. Thanks for asking.
The General Assembly (GA), the annual conference of Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) will be in Tel Aviv from Monday 10/22/18-Wednesday 10/24/18. Click here for registration and/or information.
Like many other Federations, we are planning a pre-GA trip to Israel, but ours will be modeled after the Teen Mission. We will start with a couple days and nights in Eshkol, living among the people. We will visit the Dead Sea, because it is fun. We will spend three nights in Jerusalem enjoying the city and a memorable Shabbat, and then we will head to Tel Aviv either for some R&R or to attend the GA. The GA theme is “We Need to Talk” focusing on the relationship between American and Israeli Jewry. Our focus will be the same. The itinerary is light, allowing us to maximize our time interacting with the locals. The trip flyer is below, and the registration/full itinerary can be found here.
If you are looking for a more traditional trip, but still want to attend the GA, look at JFNA’s pre-GA mission. It is also advertised on our flyer below, and you may register and find more information here.
One final caveat: as thousands of Americans are descending on Israel that week, travel agents (ours included) are under tremendous pressure from hotels to either confirm or release reserved rooms. We have rooms reserved, but cannot hold them for too long.
If you have any interest in traveling with us, please call me this week to discuss, (518) 783-7800.
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