Today is January 26, 2020 -

Back to School

I am not a fan of the warm weather. In fact, if not for the beach and a little golf, I would be fine eliminating the entire summer season. The weather change alone would be a compelling enough reason for autumn to be my favorite season, but I also happen to love the upcoming Jewish holidays and the return of kids to school.
This will be my seventh consecutive year dropping a child off at college, and I have another ten or so more years to go. I know that this can be anxiety-inducing for some, especially for the first-timers, but I love it. Fortunately, my kids have all thrived at college, and I love seeing them succeeding out in the world.
College is also where we get to see how effectively we have influenced our kids Jewishly. We have brought them to synagogue and sent them to Hebrew school, bar/bat mitzvah lessons, youth group, summer camp, and Israel. Now they are on their own. What choices will they make? Where will they be for Rosh Hashanah dinner? Do we still have influence?
Jewish groups will likely have recruitment tables set up at freshman orientation. Nationally, two of the most prominent organizations are Hillel and Chabad (friendly competitors on some campuses, partners on others), and depending on the school, one or both will be there to welcome your student. However, your child will need to make the first move. “Hi, I’m Jewish. I’d like to be on your e-mail list.”
Please let me know if you want to learn more about opportunities on your student’s campus. I am happy to do the research for you, give you the contact information, or even forward your student’s information to the appropriate people, if you would like me to.
Maybe we can still have a little influence.
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