Today is December 16, 2019 -

Holocaust Memorial – another update

My last update, back in June, brought everyone up-to-speed on Federation’s role in Jewish community consensus building on the proposed Holocaust Memorial on the land very generously offered by Bishop Scharfenberger on behalf of the Catholic Church. Please see here for that update.

The Capital District Jewish Holocaust Memorial LLC (CDJHM) formed to bring a Holocaust Memorial to our region. I thank their leadership for their vision, for laying the groundwork with the Bishop and the Town of Niskayuna, and for bringing to light the desire for this remembrance within our community. At last report, the joint task force of Federation and CDJHM had just completed a message statement for the memorial and was ready to embark on educational goals. Since that writing, we brought together local educators and ADL’s Echos and Reflections experts and crafted a list of educational goals for the memorial.

With message and goals in hand, we brought together architects and a landscape architect to study the land to maximize its resource and begin work on design concepts. Most recently, we have added artists and sculptors to the mix.

I thank all of our passionate community members who have advocated for or against a Holocaust memorial, and I thank our local press for keeping our community informed about the project. I encourage people to contact me directly for more information.

My message today is one of optimism. We have one dedicated group of people working together to create a moving, reflective, and educationally sound Holocaust Memorial of which our Jewish community and the Town of Niskayuna can be proud.

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