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Anyone who has ever put on an event knows the challenges of waiting for responses. It would be great if weeks in advance we could give a nice, clean, accurate head count to the caterer. Some people immediately respond to invitations, but many others wait for a phone call the day before the event to decide. Others still, simply show up at the door. We have found that we actually have different cultures in Albany, Schenectady, Saratoga, and Columbia/Greene, and we can fairly accurately predict the number of no-shows vs. the number of walk-ins in each community.
We had an interesting situation back in March at one of our events hosted by Congregation Beth Abraham-Jacob. A friend of my son, Eli, happened to be in the synagogue for evening prayers and wandered down to our event in the social hall to see what was going on. 
Levi filled him in and invited Eli to join him.
Inconspicuously pointing to a young woman, Eli said to Levi, “I don’t recognize her. Do you know who she is?”
Levi responded, “My cousin Hadas. She just finished her service in the IDF and is visiting us for a while.”
“Can you connect us?” Eli inquired.
Mazel tov to Hadas and Eli who announced their engagement last Thursday.
Moral of the story: Please rsvp, but walk-ins are always welcome.
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