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You’ll thank me later

I know that it’s not on your radar yet. Your child or grandchild is just starting kindergarten (or walking or nursery school or 2nd grade…), but in a few years, you will be looking at Israel programs together.
Your child will have many Israel choices: Federation’s teen mission (next one in February), a summer trip with your youth group or summer camp, a post-Birthright trip, a gap-year program, etc. While all of these trips will have a few unique characteristics, they will all provide your child with a fantastic experience in Israel with peers, and they will all cost money.
More than 20 years ago, Federation leaders created the Israel Experience savings program and, to date, hundreds of families have used the program to help finance these expensive Israel trips.
The rules are simple. Every calendar year, Federation will match $1 for every $1.75 that you deposit into an Israel Experience account, up to a maximum of $100 a year and $1,000 per child. Interest also accrues, so the earlier that you start saving, the more your child’s account will grow, and may cover trip costs in full. Anyone can deposit to your child’s account and deposits make great gifts for bar/bat mitzvahs.
All Federation members (minimum $50 annual campaign donors) are eligible for matches and interest. 
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