Today is November 19, 2019 -

Not a snow day in Eshkol

We had an amazing day in Eshkol on Tuesday.
And then, early Wednesday morning a rocket from Gaza landed on a home in Be’er Sheva. We woke up to the retaliation of the Israel Air Force against targets in Gaza.
The head of security for the region was concerned that the situation could escalate further, so he closed schools, told residents to stay home near safe rooms or bomb shelters, and told us that our Eshkol visit was over. Fortunately, Wednesday was a quiet day for Eshkol and we were safely in Jerusalem.
I suppose the closest analogy that I could make for the experience would be for us to wake up in the morning in northeastern New York to a foot of snow on the ground and the cancellation of school and all community activities. I am in no way suggesting that the dangers are the same or even remotely similar, but I am not sure that we have the capacity to understand the situation any differently. This is simply the reality of life on the border with Gaza.
Wishing everyone everywhere a peaceful Shabbat.
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