Today is December 16, 2019 -


Two of our nieces have been visiting from Israel. I’ve enjoyed their many observations and experiences while living in Northeastern New York over the past several months:
  • rain during the warm summer months
  • wearing a winter coat in the sukkah
  • leaves changing colors
  • sledding
  • the reflection of moonlight off the white coating of snow on bare trees
  • the making of snow by tossing hot water into the frigid air
  • wind-chill factors
  • Thanksgiving and Black Friday
Black Friday brought temperatures around 12 degrees, and with it, frost on the car windows. Never seeing this before, Sigal commented on how beautiful the ice was. “It looks like flowers.” I have been scraping this ice for the past 35 years and never once considered its beauty.
I share this story as a way to introduce my take-away from the GA conference on Israeli and American Jewry dialogue. Perspective.
To be continued… 
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