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Did you know? – The Red Book

When I started with Federation, our receptionist maintained a red calendar book referred to as “the red book.” Event coordinators from around the Jewish community would call Federation to consult the red book on available dates and to place their own events in the book. 

Today, Federation maintains a community calendar on our website. We post all of our events, and we encourage all of our community partners to post their events as well. Perhaps more importantly, we encourage organizations to consult the calendar prior to booking their events. 

As a capitalist, I am a fan of competition. As a Jewish communal leader – not so much. Our community offers a plethora of fantastic programs, and we should have enough days in the week to spread them out. Some events, speakers or fundraisers are so important to community members or the overall health of the community that competition can be harmful. To paraphrase one of my favorite Yiddish quotes, “You can’t dance at two weddings with one tush.” 

So, as a service for the community, we keep the calendar. We do not police it, but we maintain it. I am pleased to report that the calendar is the most “clicked-on” page of our website. 

Personally, I do not schedule a dental appointment without checking my personal calendar, the office calendar, and the community calendar. It is actually a running joke in my house. My wife will ask, “Are you home tonight?” My reply, “I don’t know; check the community calendar.” 

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