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Did you know?

Last week I discussed Federation’s new marketing strategy and listed a few of our programs of which you may not have been aware. One of our long-time (decades) donors shared with me his appreciation for our efforts but cautioned me against biting off more than we can chew. “That’s a very hefty agenda;” he said, “be careful not to take on too much at once.” This was my point, exactly. I did not list any new programs last week, but rather programs that our Jewish Federation has been running for years.
With this exchange as the backdrop, I start a new series of “Did you know?”, sharing some of the things that Federation does, which you may not know about.
Did you know that Jewish Federation’s Golub Center is available to our Jewish community partners? This week alone, we hosted the following groups and programs:
  • Capital Region Jewish Genealogical Society
  • Student “Mitzvah goreret mitzvah” program
  • Sexual harassment prevention training for all Jewish community organizations, staff, lay leadership, clergy, and executives
  • Jewish community’s committee on aging
  • Capital District Jewish Holocaust Memorial
  • Jewish Disabilities and Inclusion Month program
  • Weekly women’s Pirket Avot class
  • Mifgash board meeting
  • Capital District Board of Rabbis – Intro to Judaism class
  • Jewish Community Leadership & Communications class
I thank our community leaders for their vision when building this community building. We were designed to be a resource for the entire Jewish community, and we are living that vision.

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