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Did you know? – Our Mission in Action

I often talk about Federation’s mission “to build and maintain a strong and united Jewish community in order to ensure the creative survival and continuity of the Jewish people.” However, really, this is only half of the mission. Our mission statement goes on to say, “It is the community’s central agency for meeting Jewish needs and articulating Jewish concerns in the Capital Region, in Israel, nationally, and around the world.” This is how we became involved in the proposed Holocaust memorial. The leadership of Niskayuna’s town board asked Federation to weigh in on the proposed memorial on behalf of the Jewish community.
Back in August, I updated everyone on how the joint task force of Federation members and the Capital District Jewish Holocaust Memorial LLC (CDJHM) was humming along toward a new design of which the community could be proud.
I am thrilled to report that we now have a truly remarkable final design concept, which we presented to Federation’s board last week. The board unanimously approved the following motion:
The Jewish Federation of Northeast New York affirms that in furtherance of the Federation’s Mission in articulating Jewish concerns within the Capital Region, the design presented before the Board for a proposed Holocaust Memorial is acceptable to its membership and, as such, can be viewed as a design consensus on behalf of the Jewish community.
This project is not now over. In fact, Federation’s vote has only inched us closer to the starting line. Next steps include the work of the education committee and securing necessary permission from the town.
Leading up to the Niskayuna Town Board meeting in June, you will likely hear quite a bit about the memorial. Members of the CDJHM board will be offering presentations, especially in the Niskayuna area. I encourage everyone interested to attend and learn. I hope that you will find the new design as amazing as I do.
A quick note about the task force. We worked with dreamers, visionaries, action people, architects, and educators. Everyone was passionate but collegial. This was one of the best projects on which I have had the pleasure of working.
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