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In our opinion…

“Wise is the man who has no opinions, only observations.” –B. Shipman

In today’s climate, people and their opinions are becoming ever more challenging. I hear opinions about our government, the Israeli government, our speakers, other organizations and their activities and speakers. On some days, I dread answering my phone or opening my e-mail.

There is only one opinion (not including all my wife’s opinions, of course) to which I look forward every year, and that is the opinion of Federation’s auditors.

“In our opinion, the financial statements referred to above present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of the Federation…”

In audit terms, this is the unqualified opinion–the pinnacle of a successful reporting. We put together our numbers for the year. The auditors “plan and perform” their audit “to obtain reasonable assurance” that our numbers are “free from material misstatement.”

Very few people pay attention to unqualified opinions. They slip under the radar or put people to sleep. Qualified opinions, disclaimer opinions, or God-forbid adverse opinions, usually make their way to the front-page news. No one wants one of those.

This week, our auditors presented their unqualified opinion to our audit committee.

I welcome all opinions that people may have on this subject.

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