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Our community is amazing.

The Capital District Board of Rabbis met yesterday for its annual Day of Learning.

I could probably end this article here. Already, this statement places this capital district in a somewhat unique situation. But, I’ll go on.

Conservative, Reform, Reconstructing, and Orthodox rabbis, male and female rabbis, pulpit, non-pulpit, and retired rabbis, gathered together to study (wait for it)… 

the Yichus (genealogy) of Jesus with Dr. Peter Zaas, Siena’s director of the Hayyim, and Esther Kieval, Institute for Jewish-Christian Studies.

I was privileged to join these amazing people as they argued Gemara, quoted Torah, and analyzed Greek together. Please understand that this collegiality of our rabbis is virtually unheard of in most of the organized Jewish world, and really a blessing for our community.

Last Shabbat, we celebrated the bar mitzvah of the son of one of our Conservative clergy. Colleagues from around the community were there to join in the festivities. Several showed up for kiddush after praying in their own synagogues.

We are so fortunate to have these community leaders as role models. They recognize their differences, but then put those differences aside to study and celebrate with one another.

Isaiah teaches that the Jewish people are to be a light unto the nations. By example, our rabbis teach that we can be a light unto the Jewish people.

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