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Special Birthdays

Conventional practice defines special birthdays as those birthdays celebrating a year divisible by five. To me, this seems completely arbitrary. I celebrate as special birthdays those transitional days which can allow new things to happen – things that cannot happen the day before.

When the clock strikes midnight on a 21st birthday and the moment DMV opens on a 16th birthday can be transformative and transitional moments worthy of celebrating. Another minor example is age 25, when auto insurance rates go down, renting a car becomes easier, and the 25-year-old can run for the US Congress.

At age 70.5, there may be significant tax savings by gifting to the Jewish Federation from a retirement account. Please discuss this with your tax advisor and see if Federation can celebrate this special day with you.

Two weeks ago Monday, the twelfth of Tammuz on the Jewish calendar, my youngest son, Dov, turned 13. On Sunday afternoon, he sat next to me in synagogue as a child, but as the sun went down and the Jewish day transitioned to his Hebrew birthday, he was counted for the first time in a minyan for the evening service. By Monday morning, he was honored with his first Aliya and he read Torah for the congregation. On this birthday, he took his place as a full member of our Jewish community.
Transitional and transformative: Happy Special Birthday Dov!

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