Today is December 6, 2019 -

Statement – Please?

I have tremendous job satisfaction in knowing that Federation helps thousands of people locally, in Israel, and around the world. If, however, I wanted to trade in job satisfaction for job security, I could switch careers and go into the “statement writing” field. Requests this week alone include:

  • Is Federation issuing a statement on the anti-Semitic Congresswomen?
  • Is Federation issuing a statement on Israel’s refusal to allow the anti-Zionist Congresswoman to enter Israel?
  • Is Federation issuing a statement on Trump’s disloyalty comments?
  • Is Federation condemning the Democrats, the Republicans, the Israelis…?

Friends, these are political hotbeds. We all comfortably read the articles supporting our own positions, making all these issues seem incredibly simple, while in reality, they are all incredibly nuanced. I see nothing good coming from Federation getting involved in this political debacle.  (Note: I did not use the word “debacle” in my first draft, but my editors wouldn’t let me use my first choice of words.)

For those who need statements, let me offer these:

  1. We oppose anti-Semitism.
  2. We support the State of Israel as the Homeland of the Jewish people. We strive to rescue at-risk Jews from around the world to safety in Israel. We are responsible for the safety, security, and well-being of our people, regardless of our opinions of the actions of the democratically elected leaders of the United States or of Israel.

With regard to being drawn into partisan politics, I really liked Israeli President Rivlin’s comments to U.S. House Speaker Pelosi, “the relationship between the State of Israel and the United States is a link between peoples, which relies on historical ties, deep and strong friendships and shared values that are not dependent on the relationship with one particular party.”

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