28 2021

Congregation Shaara Tfille hosts Virtual Passover Seder

6:00PM - 9:00PM  

Congregation Shaara Tfille 84 Weibel Avenue
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
(518) 584-2370

Contact Linda Bertrand
(518) 584-2370

Congregation Shaara Tfille is excited to celebrate Passover with Rabbi Boaz Marmon leading a Seder via Zoom. Held on March 28 at 6:00 p.m., please send an email to to participate.

Rabbi Marmon has gone to great lengths to prepare a Haggadah for all to share. Though 30 pages in length, it can be printed back to back for a total of 15 pages and though it may seem long, it is filled with lots of pictures and songs including my favorite - Dayenu “It would have been enough for us”. If you are unable to print the Haggadah, please let either Carole (518-584-2370) know and we will make sure a copy is printed for you.

Chag Sameach and Zissen Pesach!