29 2022

Dr. Stephen Berk Lecture Series 2022

7:30PM - 9:30PM  

Congregation Agudat Achim 2117 Union Street
Schenectady, NY 12309

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Going and Coming: A history of Jewish Emigration and Immigration

Jews have always been on the move. Their migrations were always a consequence of push and pull. Something pushed the Jews out and something pulled them in. When one center of Jewish gravity closed another opened up. Emigration and Immigration are the constants of Jewish history. This is their story over the last millennium.

8 September - Week 1: From West to east: The formation of Eastern European Jewry.
The Crusades, the expulsion from Spain and the Khazars created a community that soon became the center of gravity of Jewish life.

15 September-Week 2: Coming to America: The Germans arrive.
Economic downturn, anti-Jewish sentiment and the lure of America led over a hundred thousand German Jews to immigrate into the United States; they revitalized the American Jewish community.

22 September- Week 3 Kuda-Where to?
Hot and cold pogroms forced Russian Jews to make the tough decision. Do we go to America or Palestine? The overwhelming majority voted with their feet for the United States.

29 September-Week 4 The in gathering of the Exiles: Immigration into Israel
Before WWI some fled violence and impoverishment, later some came on the wings of eagles, some rose from the ashes and the Jews of silence were silent no more. Together they created one of the great miracles of modern history, Medinat Yisroel, the State of Israel.

6 October-Week 5: The closing of the doors: Jewish Immigration in the interwar period.
Johnson-Reed and FDR sealed the fate of millions, but those who were able to come left an indelible imprint on American life.

13 October- Week 6: From Auschwitz to New York and from Moscow to the Golden Land.
After WWII the closed door began to open, and Gorbachev transformed the Soviet Union. Hundreds of thousands of Jews came into our country and some of them became members of Agudat Achim. Our country, American Jewry and our synagogue reaped the benefits of their coming.

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