16 2021

Havurah Vatik Virtual February Event

11:00AM - 12:00PM  

Virtual Event | Havurah Vatik
Saratoga Springs, NY

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Inside History of "Gangster's Paradise"

Greg Veitch, police chief (ret.) and expert on gangsters of Saratoga, will share tall but true tales of the city's nefarious past.

Join the resident expert to delve into Saratoga’s historical underworld. Known as a “gangster’s paradise,” and proud host to the underworld of organized crime, our fair city has an outsized background in gambling and gangsterism that persisted from 1826 until the 1950s. The man who knows it best is former Chief of Police of Saratoga Springs, Greg Veitch, a fifth-generation Saratogian. Any skeletons in the closet? You will have the chance to ask the Chief when he tells tales at Havurah Vatik of men like Arnold Rothstein, Meyer Lansky, Dutch Schultz and Lucky Luciano, along with the scoop on homegrown gangsters. From gambling and bootlegging to corruption and gunplay in the streets, these true stories of Saratoga’s nefarious past will have us entertained as befits a pandemic winter in the city with a notorious history.

Greg Veitch retired from his position as Chief of Police in Saratoga Springs, after a 25-year career in law enforcement. He and his wife, Jen, have raised the sixth generation of the Veitch family in Saratoga. 

Greg Veitch has published two books about this history of crime, gambling, corruption:  All the Law in the World Won’t Stop Them and A Gangster’s Paradise. Plan to join us on Zoom February 16.

His books are available at Northshire Book Stores and through Greg’s website, www.gangstersofsaratoga.com.

At right, Meyer Lansky, top, The Brook, upscale Saratoga Club owned by Arnold Rothstein, and below them, Greg Veitch, our presenter.

Havurah Vatik in the time of Covid: Bring your own lunch; pajama bottoms welcomed; coffee or tea suggested. Nothing supplied but valuable information, exchange of ideas, opportunity to "see" friends and acquaintances. 

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