18 2021

Havurah Vatik May Event

11:00AM - 12:00PM  

Virtual Event | Havurah Vatik
Saratoga Springs, NY

Fatal Attraction: The Politics of Mortal Terror

Professor Sheldon Solomon is back. The most requested of our repeat speakers. His research and writing is designed to make us uncomfortable: "terror" and "death" are frequently mentioned. We are on the edge of our seats. In May, we will still be in our comfortable seats at home, but Solomon will disturb our comfort nonetheless. 

For this presentation, he will share with us his research demonstrating how subtle alterations of psychological conditions can have dramatic effects on political attitudes and voting behavior. He will explore the ominous implications of these findings for the future of democracy. 

Sheldon Solomon is Professor of Psychology at Skidmore College. He has studied the effects of the uniquely human awareness of death on behavior, as featured in the documentary film "Flight from Death: the Quest for Immortality." He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Society, and has received numerous awards.

Havurah Vatik in the time of Covid: Bring your own lunch; pajama bottoms welcomed; coffee or tea suggested. Nothing supplied but valuable information,  exchange of ideas, opportunity to "see" friends and acquaintances.

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