4 2020

Jews with Tattoos

7:00PM - 8:30PM  

Temple Israel, Albany 600 New Scotland Avenue
Albany, NY

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Join Jewish Federation's, KB Goodkin for this inspiring lecture!

Come discuss the phenomenon of Jews identifying Jewishly through tattooing. We will examine halacha/laws, the Holocaust, pop culture, and body art! Join TI Young Couples, NextDor, and the general Temple Israel community for drinks, nosh, and controversial conversation.

From the Hillel News & Views Blog, October 4, 2018: Kyle Frank faces a dilemma: To get inked or not to get inked? The 21-year-old wants the Hebrew word Hineni (“Here I am”) tattooed on his bicep, but believes his Judaism forbids it. His parents are deadset against it. But the tattoo he’s yearning to get would be an expression of his Judaism, he said. He wants to showcase his pride, not fly in the face of his tradition.

Many thanks to the Jewish Federation of NENY for co-sponsoring this program. No tuition required.