20 2021


8 2021

Mifgash "Shabbat With Love" Fundraiser


Mifgash Jewish Community High School Program P.O.Box 8916
Albany, NY 12208
(518) 209-3769 mifgashdirectoralbany@gmail.com

Contact Wendy Schaffer
(518) 209-8255

$ Cost $ 72.00

Mifgash - Shabbat With Love - Delivered To Your Door!

Bring Shabbat into your home with Mifgash - Shabbat With Love bag.
The bag will be delivered to your door!
Enjoy it with your family or buy it as a wonderful gift for someone you love and appreciate.

Shabbat WIth Love will include:
2 Delicious Homemade Challahs, Wine of your choice, Beautiful Flower Bouquet, Chocolate Treat, Delicious Dessert, 2 Shabbat Candles.

Order deadline: February 8th 
Delivery day: Friday, February 12th

*All delivered to your home (within 15-mile range)

Shabbat With Love Bag coast - $72

Sign up here to receive your Shabbat With Love: https://forms.gle/PAdqN61FmRAiuvhN6