29 2020

Shalom Passover Baskets with TOV (Tikkun Olam Volunteers)

1:00PM - 5:00PM  

Bethlehem Chabad 393 Delaware Ave
Delmar, NY

Contact Linda Pollack Kessler
(518) 783-7800

Join Tikkun Olam Volunteers (TOV) to prepare Passover baskets.

Open to the whole family!

20 volunteers needed


Linda Pollack Kessler (518) 783-7800 ext. 234
KB Goodkin (518) 783-7800 ext. 222

What do Tikkun Olam Volunteers (TOV) do?

TOV help with a variety of social actions projects (both Jewish and secular) here in Northeastern New York. Many projects allow you to be a part of the great work of  Jewish Federation of Northeastern New York and its partner agencies. TOV was created as a way for women looking to become more involved in the community and actively participate in affecting change.